Class 11 English (hornbill) poem- 6 childhood. (Question/answer)

Ncert solutions for class 11 English (hornbill) term-II poem-6 childhood. Question and Answer.

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Page no – 59

Question: 1 Identify the stanza that talks of each of the following.

  • individuality
  • rationalism
  • hypocrisy


1. Individuality – III stanza
2. Rationalism – I stanza
3. Hypocrisy – II stanza

Question: 2 What according to the poem is involved in the process of growing up?


According to the poem the process of growing involves attaining maturity and becoming a rational and logical thinker. When the poet become an adult, he was able to see the hypocrisy in other people. He could distinguish in the behaviour of double – standard preach and talk to love. A grown – up can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. A mature person stresses on his thoughts and is captain of having his own opinion.

Question: 3 What is the poet’s feeling towards childhood?


The poet is disappointed and puzzled by the loss of his childhood. He wanted to know when was the moment he became a grown – up and lost the innocence of an infant. He expresses his confusion by asking when and where did his childhood go.

Question: 4 Which do you think are the most poetic lines? Why?


The lines in the last stanza are the most poetic lines in the poem.
It went to some forgotten place
That’s hidden in an infants face,
That’s all i know
The poet beautifully describes the disappointment of his childhood.

He talks about how one can find innocence in an infant face. It is a process of life that an individual grows up and slowly starts understanding the concept of the world and people around them. During childhood a person believes in things that are not ture or has a different set of reality.

When the child grows up and is able to process his own thoughts, he realizes that many things don’t exist the way he thought them to be.

Word -Meaning

Page no – 60
  • Producing- To grow or make something by a natural process
  • Infant- Baby
  • Hidden- Secret
  • Preached- To give a talk, A sermon on a religious subject
  • Ceased to be eleven- when he completed eleven years of his life
  • Forgotten- To not be able to remember something
  • Hell- A situation or place that is very unpleasant or painful
  • Heaven- Paradise
  • Seemed- looked
  • Adults- Boys below eighteen to twenty one.
  • Lovingly- Affectionately
  • Really- Of course
  • Whichever- Anybow
  • Childhood- Boyhood

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