Application for fever leave

Write an application for fever leave For Class 9 – 12

The principal

Khalsa High school‚


28 May 20…

Subjectfor fever leave.

Respected sir/madam‚

I am Surya‚ son of Mr Sushant Sharma. Student of your school in class X ‘B’ .

I want to tell through this letter that I will not able to go to school for next few days because i have fever and server food poisoning also. After getting checked by the doctor he has given some medicines and advised me complete bed rest.

I assure you that I will understand and complete all the work done during this week with the help of my friends or classmates. And I will also give you medical certificate for proof whenever I will come to school.

So please kindly grant me leave for a few days for which I will be very grateful your this kind act.

Thanking you

Your’s obediently


Class – X ‘B’

Roll no – 16

Date – 28-5-2022


application for half day leave in school