Application for marriage leave

Write an application to your principal / headmaster of your school for marriage leave for 9-12.

The principal / headmaster

Amritsar High school.


18th june 2022

Sub: for sister marriage leave.

Dear madam / sir,

It is requested that I am a student of 11th A of your school.

And i want to inform you through this letter that my elder sister’s marriage has been fixed on 20th June this month. In which it is very important for me to go and i am the eldest of the sisters in my family after that, so I have to do a lot of work in her marriage.

So i will not be able to go to school from 19th to 23rd June.

The wedding will take place in the village and it takes us a long time to reach our village from Delhi.

So I request you to kindly grant me 5 days leave. I will be very grateful to you for this.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely



Roll no – 11



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