Class 11 English (snapshot) term-II easy short summary : chapter – 4 Albert Einstein at school

NCERT Solutions for class 11 English (snapshot) term-II easy short summary : chapter – 4 Albert Einstein at school

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Albert Einstein distasteful experience at the munich school



1. One day in ‘Munich’ school , their History teacher ‘Mr Braun’ questions Albert about dates of prussian war.

2. Albert has not learnt that dates , because he does not believe in memorising facts.

3. Mr Braun humiliates him before the whole class and call him a disgrace. He also mocks him about his “theory of education”.

4. Albert lives in one of the poorest areas of Munich , because his father could not afford huge rents. He did not like living in that areas he found the slum atmosphere violent and degrading.

5. His lady of manor was a short- tempered women , who would beat her children regularly.

6. Her husband was quite aggressive with her and often quarreled with her.

7. The lady of manor , did not allow Albert to play the violin which he loved very much .

8. Once his cousin Elsa visited him in Munich.When Albert shared his experiences and thoughts about education’s , he told him that passing an exam was an easy thing. She gave the example of some stupid boys , who passed the exam easily just because of mere rote like a parrot.

9. Albert’s sadness and discontent continue to grow.

10. He is unhappy with the traditional pattern of teaching in the school.

11. There is no scope for activity.

12. Students are not allowed to express ideas freely.

13. He seeks help from his only friend, Yuri.

14. Yuri suggests that Albert obtain a medical certificate stating that he is going through a nervous breakdown in order to entitle him to school.

15. After months of trouble, there is finally some relief for Albert.

16. Yuri’s friend Doctor ‘Ernest’ understands Albert’s plight very well and gives him a medical certificate.

17. Mr Koch, the teacher of mathematics, writes of a brilliant preference for Albert, saying that Albert was a genius in that subject, Albert is full of gratitude for that.

18. He fails as if the medical certificate is burning a hole in his pocket because he is unable to tell. How unhappy he was with the school’s education system.

19. Albert walks into the headmaster’s room with a certificate , hoping that he will get a break from school for a few months.

20. He is surprised , when the headmaster throws him out of school for his “unruly behavior” and disregard for education.


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