Class-11th English (hornbill) A Photograph: MCQ

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English (Hornbill) A Photograph MCQs with Answers

Q1. Who was the writer of this poem?
1. Shirley toulson

1. Shirley toulson

2. Marga minco

3. Garden cook and Alan East

4. Ted hughes

Answers: Shirley toulson.

Q2. When did her mother die?

1. five years ago

2. Two years ago

3. Thirteen years ago

4. Twelve years ago

Answer: Twelve years ago.

Q3. What was the meaning of the word wry?

1. Cry

2. Ironic

3. sad

4. None of them

Answer: Ironic.

Q4. What was the last passage in the poem?

1. After her mother grew up.

2. After she grew up.

3. After her mother died.

4. None of the above.

Answer: after her mother died.

Q5. What does she feel in the last phases?

1. pain and grief

2. Sad and nostalgic

3. happy and nostalgic

4. pain and Nostalgic

Answer: pain and grief.

Q6. What was the camera capture?

1. Screen

2. Beach

3. Waves

4. Three girls in photograph

Answer: Three girls in photograph.

Q7. How many girls are in the photograph?

1. One

2. Four

3. six

4. Three

Answer: Three.

Q8. What is the meaning of transient?

1. Catching

2. Photo

3. Terribly

4. Lasting only for a short time and not permanent.

Answer: Lasting only for a short time and not permanent.

Q9 Who is on both sides of her mother?

1. Cousins, Betty, and dolly

2. Parents

3. Cousins, Dolly and adam

4. Friends

Answer: Cousins, Betty, and dolly.

Q10. What are the three of them doing in the photograph?

1. Studying

2. Holding hands

3. Standing beside the house

4. Holding hands, go for paddling

Answer: Holding hands, go for paddling.

Q11. After how many years did her mother laugh on seeing the photograph?

1. Twenty-one

2. Twenty – three

3. Twelve

4. Twenty- five

Answer: Twenty- three.

Q12. Why did she laugh?

1. Because of the funny dresses they were wearing during the sea holiday.

2. Because of cracking a jokes

3. Because of uncle

4. None of these

Answer: Because of the funny dresses they were wearing at the sea holiday.

Q13. What kind of loss did the poet feel?

1. The loss of her mother’s laughter.

2. The loss of good fortune.

3. The loss of her mother.

4. The loss of her grandmother.

Answer: The loss of her mother’s laughter.

Q14. Past is associated with poets?

1. Mother

2. Childhood

3. Good life

4. memories

Answer: Mother.

Q15. In which mood is the poet?

1. Happy

2. sad

3. Excited

4. Reminiscent

Answer: sad.

Q16. Which material was the frame of the photograph made of ?

1. Wood

2. Plastic

3. Cardboard

4. Steel

Answer: cardboard.

Q17. Who clicked the photograph?

1. Her father

2. Her mother

3. Har friend

4. Her uncle

Answer: Her uncle.

Q18. What was the favourite memory of her mother?

1. Beach holiday

2. Vacation

3. School picnic

4. None of these

Answer: Beach holiday.

Q19. What Epithet literally e device was used in the poem?

1. Laboured ease

2. Terribly transient

3. Through their

4. None of above.

Answer: Terribly transient.

Q20. What is the poem ‘A photograph’ about?

1. Poet’s first holiday

2. Tribute to the poet’s mother

3. About poet’s childhood memories

4. Story of poet’s parents

Answer: Tribute to the poet’s mother.

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