Class 11 English (hornbill) chapter 5 The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role. (Questions/answer)

NCERT solution for class 11th English (hornbill) chapter 5 The ailing planet: The green movement’s role. (question answers).


(Understanding the text)

Page no – 47

Question: 1 Locate the line in the text that supports the title ‘The Ailing Planet’.


The lines that support the title The  ‘ Ailing Planet ‘

1.The Earth’s vital signs reveal a patient in declining health.

2. Are we to leave our successors a scored planet of advancing deserts, impoverished landscape and the ailing environment.

3. The environment has deteriorated so badly that it is critical for many of the eighty – eight counties investigated.

4. There can be no doubt that growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society.

Questions: 2 What does the notice ‘The world’s most dangerous animal’ at a cage in the zoo at Lusaka‚ Zambia‚ signify?


The Notice The world’s most dangerous animals signifies that humans have deteriorated the planet for a long time. His own survival is under threat now.

Question: 3 How are earth’s principal biological system being depleted?


There are four principal biological systems , Fishers, Grasslands , forests and cropland. These four systems provide food and Raw materials for industry except for minerals and synthetic. These systems have reached an unsustainable point where their productivity has impaired. As a result , fishers are collapsed, deforestation is taking place , grasslands are tuning into barren wasteland and croplands are becoming worse overfishing is very nowadays where people are becoming protein country , the forest is being cut down on a large scale to obtain woods for cooking , In some areas , firewood is more costly than food . Many species are under destruction in tropical forests.

Question: 4 Why does the author aver that the growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society?


The author said that the growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society because overpopulation leads to hunger , poverty and unemployment . It also causes pressure upon the principal biological systems of the earth. Therefore we have to make a choice between population control and keeping up with poverty.

Talking about the text

Page no – 47

Question: 1 Laws are never respected nor enforced in India?


I completely agree with the statement that laws are never respected nor enforced in India. We see the violation of the basic laws like wrong overtaking , signal breaking , overspending etc. There are various more serious examples which clearly show that neither is respected nor strictly enforced in our country. Casteism , untouchability and bonded labour are said to be abolished in India but I will still practice.

Question: 2 Are we to leave our successor a scored planet of advancing deserts , impoverished landscape and ailing environment?


These lines were mentioned in the report of the Brant Commission. It stressed upon the rapid deforestation and imbalance of ecology. Growing demands of natural resources are causing the depletion of forest , converting the grasslands into barren wastelands. The environment has reached an unsustainable point.

Question: 3 “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; We have borrowed it from our children” .


The above statement of later brown clearly affirms that only this kind of approach can guide us to save the planet for the future generations of the people. It is the duty of the current generation to be a good steward of the planet and to safeguard it as the earth is also a living organism. Therefore we must use the available natural resources wisely and hand over a healthy planet to our children and not the ailing one.

Question: 4 The problem of overpopulation that directly affects our everyday life ?


Overpopulation leads to many problems that are badly affecting mankind and natural resources. It is the root cause of many societies’ economic problems. It leads to poverty and unemployment. Poor people are forced to live a distressed life. They face starvation. It also causes a burden on education and health facilities. Natural resources are being consumed rapidly to meet the demand of people.

Thinking about language

Page no – 48

Question: 1 The phrase ‘inter alia’  meaning ‘among other things’ is one of the many latin expressions commonly used in English. Find out what these Latin phrases mean?

1. Prima facie
2. Ad hoc
3. in camera
4. ad infinitum
5. mutatis mutandis
6. caveat
7. tabula rasa


1. Prima facie means at first sight before closer inspection.

2. ad hoc means for the specific purpose case on situation at hand and for no other.

3. In camera means in secret in private.

4. ad infinitum means to infinity having no end.

5. mutatis mutandis means changing those things which need to be changed .

6. Caveat means a warning or caution.

7. tabula rasa means blank slate without any prior experience or knowledge.

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